25 thoughts on “New Nike Football Commercial

  1. bergkamp retired when arsene wenger became the manager. so it’s robin van persie

  2. Guys why do you say Van Bommel, Bergkamp etc.? Isnt it obvious who this is? Its ROBIN VAN PERSIE! Omg xD

  3. eu sou uma garotinha que morreu no arame farpado envie esse comentário a 6 vídeos senão você morrerá em 6 dias as 6.06

  4. @eddieonofre Everything makes him out to be Robin van Persie: free-kick taker, left footed, Arsenal, Netherlands, but someone else was #9 in the Netherlands team for the commercial, making it impossible for the mystery player to be RVP.

    Still say it’s Robin though, who else would Cesc throw a tantrum towards 😉

  5. so who is the player??
    plays in arsenal, and is from netherlands, seems to be midfielder right footed

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