25 thoughts on “Liverpool vs Arsenal 1989: Championship Decider

  1. Fuck off Liverpool – your time has passed, you belong in the 1980’s, your club was built upon the foundations of brilliance but sadly for you, football has moved on and you couldn’t keep up. Thanks in advance for the future joy you will no doubt bestow upon Arsenal.

  2. Horrible, horrible day. Why do I keep visiting this every couple of years like some kind of masochist?

  3. My dad went to this game he said it was the most mad thing he’s ever been to it’s hard to explain! i WISH i was there!

  4. Never stopped believing, never gave up- that was the ethos of Graham’s teams. So different from the fragile, overpaid showoffs of the last 3-4 years. Perry Groves won more medals with Arsenal than Fabregas

  5. @pablotjob The title would have went to Anfield – and they would have completed the double.

  6. never forget that night i had £10 at 16-1 arsenal win 2-0 , good old thomas , gooner fan since 1967 .apart from the double in 71 this was my greatest moment ……

  7. That what happens when you play for a draw. The day I learned not to take the game so seriously.

  8. @pablotjob Liverpool would have won the league, the old ‘goal average’ instead of goal difference meant that Arsenal needed to get at least two to win.

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