Ju Young Park Progressing Well

When Arsenal brought in Ju Young Park this summer, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was clearly aiming to bring in competition for the misfiring of Chamakh.

Park has already proven to be a skillful player who has managed to excel in all the areas where he plays and operates, and Arsenal must be very happy that he is going to be a great addition to the team as he is very adaptable, and a worthy competitor to Chamakh. The fact that Park is very mobile in his approach to the game makes him a perfect match for Arsenal – Park is good in the air, and has the good techniques and skill to prove to be quite someto the progress of the club.

Having firmly established himself in the squad, Ju Young Park needs to step up his game if he is to overtake Chamakh and Gervinho in the first-team. Wenger is convinced that Park will be ready to play within this month, and it may well be worth a Champions League bet online that he will play when Arsenal face AC Milan. After scoring a goal in the match last week, Park’s reputation and standing amongst the fans has grown, and there is a growing confidence that he can make a difference at the Emirates. In spite of his low price tag, Park seems set to become a success.

Ju Young Park has shown that he is worth playing for the Arsenal football club and this is the basic reason why he was hired by Arsene Wenger, though he has been pushed a little further down the pecking order by the return of Arsenal legend Thierry Henry. Although Park was under pressure to prove himself during his first match against Marseille, when he struggled, there have been plenty of occasions when has shown his talent since.