Chelsea FC – FA Youth Cup: CFC v Arsenal

The Underneath 18s came back from a 50 %-time deficit to win a London youth derby thank you to two targets from Milan Lalkovic. It was a dramatic night for the wholesome Stamford Bridge crowd, which includes initial crew players, to enjoy with an outstanding winner coming with added-time just close to the corner.
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25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – FA Youth Cup: CFC v Arsenal

  1. if your a true chelsea fan,
    type in youtube ‘nazsadik1234’
    sub him,
    if you want a sub back holla at me please
    thank you..
    (he is a chelsea fan)

  2. @interceptors77 Focus on ur own team instead of obsessing over Chelsea then. you tw@t.

  3. @ucirak uz si si to za tie tri dni nastudoval? 😉 Ale sa mi paci ako sa bijes za nieco, comu veris, aj ked to nie je pravda 😀

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