Barcelona vs Arsenal 2010-2011 Review

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Video clip Rating: four / 5

25 thoughts on “Barcelona vs Arsenal 2010-2011 Review

  1. @FIFApatoHD i do agree that barca were by far the better team, but i do believe if arsenal played with 11 men, they would go through to the next round. the ref screwed the game.

  2. very very great video… we can see the most important… dos penaltis no pitados en la eliminatoria, un gol mal anulado… y sobre todo, un festival de juego a lo largo de toda la eliminatoria por parte del barça… por mas que muchos se empeñen en decir burradas sobre la eliminacion con el rollo de la expulsion de van persie, esta no deja de ser simplemente rigurosa, el barça merecio pasar de calle, y ademas fue muy perjudicado

  3. @TheHansusFIFAComment thats right an english or an arabic commentator would be better

  4. awesome vid *_*
    only thing thats not that good: commentator… should be more emotional (and a english one would be better…)

  5. Even if Van Persie was still playing they still would have been completely out played! Arsenal fans just get over it, Barca were by far the better team.

  6. @samodude1
    lol fuck off how can you say that? i also supported arsenal against barca but barca still haves won because they were better as Arsenal

  7. Uefa beats Arsenal. Valdez & Abidal can go for elbows and van Persie gets send off for nothing

  8. @samodude1 Yea. 0 shots in the game at Camp Nou. Haha. The game could have been like 6-0.

    Amazing video though!

  9. Best review video i have ever seen of this two matches!!
    great work dude, RESPECT!

  10. чтож ты не поставил эпизод в конце второго матча, когда Бендтнер не забил после передачи Уилкшера

  11. Awesome video, you should make a Manchester United one once we beat Marsaille on Tuesday!

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