25 thoughts on “Barcelona: 4 – Arsenal: 1 Messi Show

  1. @Makkerz Arsenal lost the final to Birmingham City… and without being disrespectful to Birmingham (and too respectful to Arsenal) I believe that any team Arsenal put out should have beaten Birmingham City in the final. Arsenal had a strong squad and still bottled it. Yes, Wilshere did play very well against Barcelona and I am sure he will turn out to be an exceptional player. Although, I stand by my words that Arsenal are still ‘bottlers’ and only have a plan A. Arsenal are too predictable!

  2. @Makkerz barca always wins xcept vs hercules and arsenal plus they shudve won they jus missed chances and 2 handballs not called in favor but i know thas a bs excuse, still tho barca plays the best football in the world

  3. @aladdinhoBEST bullshit. barca wins when messi plays well. end of. look what happened when arsenal beat them, messi has a shocker therefore they could only score once. thats what you get when you build you squad completely around one player. i admit hands down messi is the best player in the world but if barca want to win the champs league this season then messi has to play well every game.

  4. @dipzzzzz ok, first off im not even an arsenal fan. supporting top flight teams is about as impersonal as football can get. did you even watch the match? no fabregas, no walcott, and van persie got injured in the 39th minute. thats probably 3 of their best 4 players out. yeh ofc united will beat arsenal because fergie knows how to shut them down. they paid 12 mil for nasri actually. anyway they paid nothing for wilshere and he made xavi and iniesta look average that night. 19 years old and MotM.

  5. @Makkerz Arsenal are a completley different team than a year ago? I think a year ago they would have beated Birmingham in the league cup final! Wouldn’t they have? 6 years and counting…. Barcelona will rape you and United will beat you to the Premier League. Do not worry… your squad is maturing and im sure they will win the league cup within the next 5 years or so, Wenger plans to spend crazy this summer and buy 3 “wonderkids” for £300 so that’s a bit spend for him. GOOD TIMES!!

  6. @rodeeds bullshit class, they all run upt to the ref waving imaginary cards, as if the ref can not do his job, and that they all think that they can do better. they are so overexaggerate on tackles. Remember Mottta on Busquets in last seasons camp nou? Motta hits busquets chest, buquets falls down holding his face, red card to motta and busquets gets up as if nothing happened. They would not last in the epl

  7. @rodeeds bullshit class, they are disrespectful. about 5 of them runs up to the ref waving imaginary class. disrespectful to the ref, to the opposing team and to their fans. also the fact that they fall down on slight contact, they would not last in the EPL, just in they Sunny spl

  8. @FABulousCesc04 barca is teamwork too wutr u talkin bout all in one, barca and arsenal play the most beautiful of all jus barca better, wait till the camp

  9. @FABulousCesc04 I hope you know Arsenal models their style off of Barcelona and openly admit it. Sometimes a player may have an amazing night and steal the show but it’s all about teamwork for them.

  10. @FABulousCesc04 this is in theyre own stadium dumbass wait ill march 8. you ll see

  11. enjoy your victory arsenal fans as it wont last long as you will be done after the 2nd leg. barca is a monster at camp nou!!! barca wins 3-1 (2 goals from messi) and barca wins 4-3 on aggregrate. GO BARCA

  12. refs were horrible but did barca complain , no, they are all class as always. should have been 4-1 for barca. valdez will not play poor again, messi will not miss his chances again. combine that with barca outplaying arsenal and it spells a nice big juicy tapas win for barca at the camp nou.

  13. 3 players from this game started for arsenal last night… Welcome to our A Team Barca

  14. @ghbmi buen portero el joven szcesny es el unico q me ha sorprendido muy bien, evito los goles de messi, pedro y otro de villa, los otros esperaba buen juego pero no esperaba q ganene al barça, en camp nou solo con un gol pasamos la eliminatoria

  15. @dipzzzzz and your even dumber for not realising that arsenal are a completely different team to what they are a year ago. i dont care if they loose in 2 weeks time. 2-1! beaten by the 3rd best team in the prem hahahahaha

  16. Looks like a one man show. Arsenal is all about teamwork.. Arsenal 2. Barca 1.

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