25 thoughts on “Arsenal vs Ipswich Town – Bendtner GOAL!! Highlights – 2011

  1. @ashleyboyo69

    Perception is clearly not the only thing you lack. Stay fresh dude. Oh by the way, Bendtner scored a hattrick today. I know it was only against Leyton Orient, but it’s still quite good.

  2. @NikraIF ok ok, he is amazing. i am sure many others see the same as you, faggot.

  3. @NikraIF *opens* nope i don’t see him do anything that good very often, moron

  4. @christypatmitch123 It fucking should…it was nice at first but it really grates on you after hearing it too many times.

  5. I was there when he scored that, best Arsenal crowd every! From zero to hero in seconds!

  6. 22 goals in 5 seasons. he is shite.

    he thinks he is bigger then he is. its sad because we do see moments of brilliance from him

  7. It just makes me laugh when people say that Bendtner is not a good and talented player. Look above, you morons.

  8. Very nice.

    Collecting the ball with the first touch in mid air, chopping it with his left foot (I can barely do that with my right!) one touch and curling into the bottom corner.

    Beautiful goal.

  9. @hermandcom

    Yea, he’s playing for Arsenal and scored the goal of he month dispite of being benched the majority of the time, but he’s overrated ^_~

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