Arsenal v Parma – Cup Winners Cup (1994) – Live Footage

I was extremely fortunate to catch this game on ESPN Classic the other day, and had to report it to retain, and to get on YouTube. I bear in mind this sport like it was yesterday (I was 12 decades aged at the time) and it is the only silverware I’ve observed Arsenal choose up in Europe… sadly 🙁 Parma, as you will see from this footage, had the bulk of the possibilities, but we won with Alan Smith’s legendary strike in the twentieth moment and that’s all that matters! I completely forgot Zola and Asprilla played for Parma then too 🙂
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “Arsenal v Parma – Cup Winners Cup (1994) – Live Footage

  1. We had an army that day so many Arsenal fans! also first time I heard 1 nil to the Arsenal and the Greatest team song 🙂

  2. what a shame for Parma on this final, they should have won it easily and the ended up losing. they were such a great team to watch.

  3. @GedoMazou So what? That was four and a half years ago hahaha!
    If you think your team is as good as you think they are, why I haven’t heard of them or what aren’t on the news and shit. I know Sao Paulo, Flamengo, Santos, Corinthians, Gremio. Never heard of your little weak ass team.
    You play Barca now, they will fuck you up. Similarly Arsenal will bum rape you.

  4. @kooora18 That’s nothing, remeber 2006, when we defeated the ‘almight’ Barça, they was a phenomenon, however they lose! Imagine if we face the little ASSenal, or the crap of Parma… Shame of england…

  5. @kooora18 Arsenal makes me laugh, year after year without any conquer… I’m sorry, small club!

  6. @DutchArsene It’s funny, at first time you offended me and my family, thereafter, you teach me… Fala sério!
    But i’m not gonna damn you, that’s my fault, because of my fool jokes… Plz, nevermind about i said, it’s just kidding, ok? Actually i admire the dutch soccer, mainly the dutch carrousel! Great Johan Cruiyff and CIA, they kicked the ass of Brazil, Argentina, no one believes that they lose to Germany, but it’s football, everything can happen! Tchau (Doei!)

  7. @parousia2 Arsenal and Parma stinks! Suck!
    If my Internacional de Porto Alegre face both, surely will beat them for 4×0 or more!!!

  8. @DutchArsene Gezin??? Traduz aí, meu chapa! Mas se minha mãe fosse lésbica e meu pai gay, eu não teria nascido, estou errado?

  9. I was there in Copenhagen that night. God it was brilliant. Our finest defensive display ever. Thanks for posting

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