Arsenal v Manchester United – FA Cup Final (1979) – Live Footage

This is a classic FA Cup final involving the Gunners. Admittedly I wasn’t even born then (two years later) but it was one of the classic FA Cup Finals of all time with a fantastic ending. You might recognise some faces here as well… a lot younger then they were! I was lucky enough to catch this game on The Match Revisited on ITV4 the other day, definitely felt it was worth a youTube upload. Anyway, watch to the end, even if you weren’t a twinkle in your mum’s eye, this is great viewing for any footy fan.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Arsenal v Manchester United – FA Cup Final (1979) – Live Footage

  1. @warpfield98 no but they compete for the community shield against the team who won the premier league

  2. @warpfield98 The FA Cup winners automatically qualify for one of three English places in the Europa League. Unless they’ve already qualified for the Champions League – so that usually means the runners-up these days. (The FA and the Premier League banned Portsmouth this season though due to their financial troubles. Otherwise Liverpool wouldn’t have been in Europe this year.)

  3. can someone tell me what happens to the winner of the FA Cup if they don’t qualify for Europe in the league. do they still go to Europe anyway?

  4. the old days you cant beat it a great final even though we lost ,dead and buried at 2-0 down got 2 back in a minute and then dracula in goals chokes and sunderland scores the winner legends all round chippy brady what a player not one foreigner on either team different days glory glory manchester united.

  5. @tarningen I’m talking about english fans were allowed to show there passion back then in the 70s and 80s….now theres so much security and fines for this kind of behaviour

  6. @korahaplayas now what you talking about, i’m from sweden and loves Hammarby its a swedish team, offten when we lighting flares we need to pay alot of money, Sry for bad english!:)

  7. @currymister

    Your arguements are becoming boring now.

    United are bigger than Arsenal. European cups. End of.

    P.S how can somebody who hasnt got a job afford to catch a train to Manchester and then pay £40 for a ticket every week?

  8. @IcantsayIcare
    1. without the first goal won by rooneys dive the second goal wouldn’t have come, you retard

    2. show me one example of how you HAVENT cheated to win your 3 euro cups

    3. i can take that arsenal cheat a little, but it is you who is so downs you don’t realise manchester united are one of the dirtiest teams there are…

    4. i forgot most united fans actually come from london so you’ve just proved my point 😉

    Fuck yourself

  9. @currymister
    1 – we won by 2 goals

    2 – Show one example of how we cheated to win our 3 Euro cups

    3 – kicking off the park? You’re obviously a prawn sandwich fan who didn’t go when Adams/Keown/Bould/Groves won all of their trophies that way under George Graham

    4 –
    Looks like you cockneys are the ones in the dole office compared to us.

    Educate yourself.

  10. @IcantsayIcare how did united end that run? by kicking arsenal off the park and then diving to win a penalty… united can’t talk about cheating to win because theyve done that for the last 20 years… not to mention most arsenal fans have jobs and dont surviva on jobseekers allowence…

    oh btw


  11. @dangerousbusiness07

    1 league title? wow
    Ignore the Pires dive against Pompey to keep the run going then.

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