Arsenal – Top 10 Goals 2009/2010

The Leading ten Arsenal Targets of the period 2009/2010 in my view. You can usually examine in which purchase they really should be or which ambitions need to have been incorporated… Songs: one.Pendulum – Showdown two.Quantic & Nickodemus – Mi Swing Es Tropical three.Florence & The Devices – Kiss with a fist four.Wasteland – The See 5.Adam Tensta – My cool Make sure you Comment & Take pleasure in Viewing )

25 thoughts on “Arsenal – Top 10 Goals 2009/2010

  1. lol, you’ve gotta love no 4, arshavin doesn’t realised he’s scored, he’s so shocked

  2. i’m an arsenal fan all the way but for some reason i just hate diaby…my least favorite player in the world van Persie all the way

  3. How often do you see a defender in top 10goal ? Hehe. Go Vermaelen, he and Djorou would make a good defence. Not the crap players Wenger is using now

  4. @markfab1996

    1. Theo Walcott
    2. Samir Nasri
    3. Maroune Chamakh

    and also vermealen is brilliant

  5. best team ever…..but i think second goal from fabregas is better than first from nasri 🙂 epic

  6. While the resolution was somewhat poor, I must say that this was one of the best edited videos for Arsenal on youtube that I’ve ever seen mate, absolutely brilliant.

    You didn’t put the moronic effects that slowly kill our eyes, and you’ve written the songs below (which were great songs on top of that), just hope you can upload HD clips, and make clips for every player’s stats and such over the season.

    Again, wonderful work mate.

  7. The speed of vermaelen’s shot! It took about a second for the ball to leave his boot and hit the back of the net!

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