25 thoughts on “Arsenal – The Rebirth Of Greatness

  1. We Believe ! We Can! GO GO GUNNERS ! We can do that ! We can win the EPL ! Keep faith !

  2. Dare You To Move by Switchfoot… It’s from motion picture of ”A Walk To Remember” too…

  3. i love 2:23 when someone falls theres always a teamate to help pick up the pieces. ARSENAL for life!!

  4. Im a Burnley fan but the way Arsenal play at times rivals the likes of Brazils best coz for an example the 6-0 thrashing of shef united in carling cup jus showed their class but we outclassed the youth of em lol

  5. The best video about arsenal i have seen. GOONER TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOR LIFE. ARSENAL TIL I DIE.

  6. The title is perfect! great job “Bloominho” Cuz.. When Wenger lost his former stars, he had to build a new squad, thats why we haven’t won anything since 2005, but we are soo close! Almost won PL, and reached the quarter-final in CL in 07-08, then we were in the semi-final of both CL and the FA-Cup this year! We are soo close!! Can’t you feel it? The team is almost complete! Arsenal will be back, mark my words!!

  7. ronaldo sucks i hate wannabe fans lyk u who say that pussies lyk ronaldo are the best players ever they arent

  8. i like the video very beatifull

    i love this arsenal home kit i hope they’re gonna do the same in 2010/2011

  9. ronaldo owns your mom go see where he’s at now he leave your fucking man u club go cry like evry man u fans are crying 😉

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