Arsenal – The Dream

A crew that will be remembered for their way of playing football. Gamers who will be remembered for the magnificent factors they have carried out, and a supervisor who will be remembered for sharing his art of football Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal This vid was created to honor my team and was published right just before the Arsenal – Rome match. It was deleted for some purpose:S but right here it is again once again. So yeah I know the conclude it really is abit out of date.
Video Rating: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “Arsenal – The Dream

  1. @fearthehawksndcavs24
    Its from Batman begins or the dark knight. Can’t remember but its a theme song from one of the batman movies

  2. I live in the netherlands but i’m a big arsenal fan!
    I hope tey will win the premier league soon!

  3. im glad at least 185 people appreciate how futbol is suppose to be played…well done on the video

  4. @TheEdmas With the current squad, if they stay healthy.. they will give Barcelona a run for their money. And Thomas Vermaelen may be back as well. Verminator and the Big Swiss at the back will be deadlocked.

  5. God I am blessed to witness such great football every week. a purely magnificent team. Go Gunners

  6. @OfficerBigJoey I feel you man… I’ve been there twice.Not a long way from Norway. Arsenal won both times! Currently I am in the US in college and I understand ur frustration mate. Early game tomorrow morning vs Tottenham:D 6.30 am or something. I can promise you that if u ever go to a game, you are guaranteed goosebumps;) Peace brother

  7. I want to go to an Arsenal game soo bad. I’ve been following them for a few years ever since I got into football. Its hard to follow them in the States because its never on TV but I wake up early every sat and sun morning and catch them on the interent. Im sure the passion on the pitch and in the crowd sends goosebumps up your spine!!! maybe someday ill see a game 🙂

  8. 7 reason arse-anal suckss
    A rseholewenger (sick of his fuckin lame excuses n whining abt refs)
    R acist fans (fag fans who hates black guys aka-gallas,toure,ade,cole,camp­­­­bel)
    S hitty Frenchcunts (bunch of useles gaylords)
    E piclosers (always get raped when playing against a mans team ahha)
    N erdy lukin whores n kids (aka nasir,gibbs,wilshere,ramsey,de­­­­­­­nilson n list goeson)
    A matures (bunch of babys whow ill never growup)
    Loudmouths(always next year tired of hearin this crap)

  9. we need to find a new Henry mainly, and hence one or two years a new goalkeeper and defenders more consistent…Arsenal is bad in central defense.

  10. Arsenal is my life, I love this club and its a part of me and my life. They play football in its real form and a club like Arsenal deserves to win titles and they will win something very soon. Gunners for life !!!

  11. once a gooner always a gooner <3 arsenal till i die <3 pride of london <3" less

  12. The last song i got from a vid of Cristiano Ronaldo… One of the best vids I have seen of him. Absolutely worth watching. Just search this on google because it have been removed from youtube.
    Does Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to be called a legend like Zidane or Cantona after his 07 – 08 seaso

    It is on

  13. @ceaser630 Blood Diamond – I Can Carry you, Gears of War – Heroic Assault, Silent Hill – Promise, Craig Armstrong – Escape, Batman Begins – Theme,

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