25 thoughts on “Arsenal Passing Display

  1. lol barcelona beat that record when they had 28 complete passes and then scoring against real madrid, 5-0…always remembers that…

  2. @MoistureX arsenal are a good passing team but its not as good as Barcelona and you wonder why arsenal haven’t won the champions league. Your not as strong as Barcelona or even man utd for that matter.

  3. obviously its not “Ture” Because no one here knows WTF Ture is Genius maybe one day when you learn to properly spell and get some brains you will understand that Barca is an overrated money spending team… while Arsenal is just pure talent and everyone knows that what I am saying is “TRUE” It is a great passing team… Your just jealous that Barca require lots of money to do passes such as these and we train our own! And pls calling urself Messijr is just as retarded as saying “Ture”

  4. I’m a gunner and he is right when he says we don’t always take our chances when looking for the perfect goal but where’s the fun in that?

  5. @messijr i’m not sure whether you are trying to b spiteful or not..but arsenal video..arsenal related comments..barcelona video..barcelona related comments

  6. @messijr try playing your fancy triangles on a cold night at a place like Stoke City, a team that actually cares about defending like many other English teams. Let’s see how you will go… Rubin Kazan knows the answer!

  7. @666baobao he wasnt illegally poached cescv loves barca you think he would of turned his back on them illegally get ur facts right and ur proberly a spud cunt whos managers is known as filth in the transfer market and has been investigated numerous times for his dodgy shit

  8. @666baobao u think that cruyff could make that happen in a team today the tempo is 100 per cent diffrent and the football is completely diffrent top footballers 20 years ago would make the bench today due to conditioning and the public scrutiny players today wopuld piss on these teams not saying cryuff wasnt special u can only be as good as the opposition but today would be a different story besides ur proberly a bitter spud cunt who play long ball to crouch hope defoe is there

  9. cesc wasnt nowhere near ready for the first team at barca we made him messi was in the first team at barca at 16 so if they thought so highly of cesc then they would of kept him they thought he wasnt good enough so arsene saw his potential when barca couldnt therefore proving he has a better eye for talent and raw potential most u scummy totenham fans who cheer 4th place when we r pissed at 3rd with half your wage bill and team that cost fraction should take their bitter comments elsewhere

  10. @666baobao “Cesc is still insisting he wants to come back to Barcelona,It’s pedo-wenger who’s unwilling to complete the transfer.” is when you mentioned cesc transfer….
    not to pick a side. just saying.

    you did.

  11. @666baobao
    we didn’t copy Barca’s football, it doesn’t belong to you, you didn’t invent it you were just taught it

  12. @PenguinJr1994 sorry but when did i even bring up that cesc transfer before?i was talking about arsene copying barça’s football.As you have no knowledge of football you couldn’t understand and had to give a completely off topic reply.fuck off please..

  13. @666baobao
    Do you not understand that players can hand in transfer requests, something that Fabregas hasn’t done, I wonder why that is you stupid idiot. Having to resort to stupid paedophile comments because you can’t back up your argument.

  14. @PenguinJr1994 @PenguinJr1994 Clueless cunt!You should have thought about that the day you stole him from Barca, now that you didn’t think about it that day you have to deal with it now. Cesc is still insisting he wants to come back to Barcelona,It’s pedo-wenger who’s unwilling to complete the transfer.Apparently he’s not happy having sex with his new kid koscielny.

    And keep your blatter and platini stuff for yourself and your club.You know your gay stuff.

  15. @666baobao
    If he was illegally poached why has nothing been done about it, i’m sure Barcelona would have sued arsenal with those dick riding faggots Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini would have gladly helped Barcelona. And i’m sure if Fabregas wanted to leave he could hand in his transfer request you numpty, obviously he respects Arsenal FC and loves the club.

  16. @PenguinJr1994 typical gooner haha.I was not even talking about transfer.

    It’s easy to fool an immature kid you know,especially that pedophile called arsene wenger.arsenal made a huge profit of a player who was illegally poached.Barcelona are just claiming what belongs to them.

    Arsenal are fake in style too as i’ve explained in the last comment.What a coincidence wenger makes a BARÇA YOUTH PRODUCT the talisman of his team?How hypocrite your manager is to keep a player against his wishes..

  17. @666baobao
    Barcelona are a disgraceful club with no respect for anyone else, do you honestly believe Fabregas is worth 35 million euros (and on a 4 year contract) when you paid 40 million plus Eto’o for Ibrahimovic. Please stop inventing stories of secret deals, he is an Arsenal player on a long term contract, go away, you already have xavi and iniesta.

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