Arsenal: How to counter-attack

Some of Arsenal’s very best counter-attacking targets. In each aim, the ball begins in Arsenal’s 50 percent, but ends up in the opposition’s web in a matter of seconds.
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25 thoughts on “Arsenal: How to counter-attack

  1. @SukhoiSu37Terminator but barcelona showed arsenal for barcelona was universe supernatural beautiful game in nou camp u can see barcelona are awesome super againist 6-2 real madrid 2009 u will see barcelona are kill many big club uefa champion league or spanish big club in nou camp,
    go see 2006 2009,2010 barc has great home ground murder big club lyon bayern munich chelsea stuggar aresnal inter ac milan benfica lol

  2. it nice good awesome but dont understand arsenal alway fail any title for seven year no winner title lol wow

  3. Freeze frame at 4:13. Imagine what is going through Pepe Reina’s head only seeing Arsenal White Shirts in his box and Theo running at him like Usain Bolt. Just cover the nuts and go down. Not even God can save you

  4. theo’s run at the end of the video is one of my favourite (even tho we did lose) it was so exciting to watch.

  5. @B05Videos bro love your video really helped improve my counter attacking skills btw check out my channel comment rate and sub thnx : )

  6. Why is it that i love The Arsenal so much? I honestly couldn’t tell you. It could be because my first football match as a kid was at Highbury, it could be the immense football i watched that day, but i think it was the feeling of being a part of something special. The atmosphere, the fans, the players, all as one in harmony. One thing I’m sure about, i don’t love Arsenal for the trophies. I love Arsenal for being The Arsenal.

  7. I think people are too critical about how many defenders the opposition have when Arsenal counter, especially since they would obviously have thrown men forward if they were chasing a goal.

    In my opinion, every goal in here is quality from Arsenal more than anything else. To spot passes, to run along free space and to finish clinically… simply fantastic.

  8. @fatman93186 Unnecessary, man. He showed a lot of class to say what he said and you saying that just makes you look like a dick.

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