24 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Zero (HD)

  1. @k24bfan

    The fact you haven’t won anything in six years makes me want to say “Arsenal big club my foot!”. Defensive errors were the only reason we lost at the Emirates last year, not brilliant attackers. The season before you were absolutely annihilated home and away. I hope the same happens this coming season. There’s only one club I hate more than Arsenal – Liverpool.

  2. @k24bfan

    Sure, trust the account of one person, who’s authority we cannot trust anyhow. Who’s to daresay Chelsea weren’t becoming big before the Abramovich era? They had won the FA Cup and were putting a lot of pressure on the league for the future. I see them as modern-day Evertons, if Abramovich hadn’t bought them. However, complain as much as you may like, our situation is worse than yours – we have a manager sacked almost once a year, and we have players with egos the size of counties.

  3. @Atrides77 Chelsea have won trophies and are a good squad, but here the truth. I once talked to a spaniard and he told me he truly didn’t know about chelsea until they were bought by the russian. He did tell me hes known clubs like Arsenal,Liverpool, United, Tottenham, and Aston Villa since he was young boy getting to watch one english game a week. One day the russian will decided to invest less money I want to see that “pride” or perhaps when Chelsea have a trophy drought of their own.

  4. This video reminds me why Chelsea F.C. are the Pride of London. Fourth place, no trophies when four were up for grabs only a single month before, shocking draws and losses to Newcastle, and what about that last game at Stoke?

    I really appreciate that goal against Manure at Emifail stadium, but I’m afraid that until you do some changing in the board and coaching category, you’re in for another season of excitement, followed by sweat, and then followed by tears. Chelsea F.C. PRIDE OF LONDON

  5. great vid
    its realy good

    I know I’am
    I’m sure I’am
    I’m arsenal till I die

  6. Beautiful video!

    Every year I think this is OUR year. Even if it’s not I’m there to see the next year. Arsenal till I die.

  7. this is very emotional ! and it just shows how god is cruel to arsenal ! to have so much unluckynes but to play so good football …

  8. @Zork1915 wish nasri and fabregas had the same spirit as you.
    keep it up Zork1915 and arsenal til we die.

  9. I love my Arsenal, haters leave my arsenal alone. We will gun you down one by one.

  10. i love us gooners we such videos of our season but dem glory hunters will never do that

  11. @arsenalbongh14 Hey Check out my video! I’ve got the same song but with Robin Van Persie! 😀

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