25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC: The Movie

  1. @Expectnomercy316

    Yeah I know, I don’t know what to do about it. (No credit mentioned anywhere on that video).

    I’m also about to begin my second ‘cinematic’ arsenal video based on the 89 season.

  2. Dennis Bergkamp is such a legend, he falls over and still scores.

    in the united game we already won the league though, but still a great video.

  3. Im afraid of arsenal to become a loser´s team…. I dont know what happen to current players cuz they are wearing the most beautifuls red and white shirt on entire earth and the arsenal cannon looks more shining than ever… I miss the glory days! 🙁

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  5. Some People Don’t Understand How Good Arsene Wenger Is as a Manager, He Made History With Arsenal. He’s The Best, No One Will Replace Him In Arsenal; Today He Has Formed Arsenal Into Worldwide Club, Not for Losing 8-2, But Having Style Of Play, Best Counter Attack, And Most Important Of All The Great Season Without A Loss. Arsene Wenger, The Best … Oh yeah and Fuck the Haters

  6. Gervinho 27 Chu Young Park 9 Robin van Persie 2

    Mikel Arteta 8 Yossi Benayoun 30 Andrey Arshavin 4

    Andre Santos 11 Thomas Vermaelen 5 Per Mertesacker 4 Sebastien 18

    Wojciech Szczesny 13

    no more

  7. Arsenal are like rocky balboa, we take a beating sometimes but were still fucking amazing

  8. We won the league, we won the league,
    in Manchester, in Manchester,
    we won the league in Manchester,
    we won the league at Old Trafford,
    we won the league in Manchester!

  9. REMOVE THE CHEESY BULLCRAP MUSIC! It’s nice to hear the crowd and the commentary! 🙂

  10. Beautiful vid!!! This was my first real season where I began really enjoying and understanding football (I was 8/9) so this brings back so many memories! I have a picture of me with the PL and FA cup in my room from this season! And I have faith that we will win the PL this year. Imagine if it’s decided in the man u game!

  11. @dannigaro…..bloody hell, I did the same thing… I love Arsenal, through and through.

    I shed a tear when I saw wiltord score against utd..I remember that goal, and season. Now bring on Barcelona. Up the Arsenal!!!

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