25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Stop and stare (10/11)

  1. Wow,this is one amazing video.And the better one of all the amazing ones!

  2. gunners for life!! i don’t care if we don’t win another trophy in my life time. i will never love another team more!

  3. Hello, people.
    I am a Brazilian striker, I am 19 years old, my dream is to have an opportunity outside of Brazil, to help my mother, I ask if any impresario, a player, a scout, that they see this comment please see my videos and me a chance, I just need a chance.

  4. We are passion. We are skill. We are determinatiom. We are excitement. We are magical. We are football. We are Arsenal.

  5. @bobbysuger
    I believe in fabregas and in arsenal and i hope hes staying!

  6. Being an Arsenal fan is one of the most frustrating things you can do in life but true fans know it will pay eventually!

    Keep the faith gooners!

  7. 3:10 in the video…Fabregas’s expression clearly says “what the hell am I wasting my time here for when this team crumbles yet again?”. One can understand why he wants to leave when he has to go thru that crap year after year

  8. We finally beat Man Utd, Barca, Chelsea this season. Our time is close! Keep believing my๏ปฟ fellow gooners! <3

  9. You deserve to win a trophy atleast this season! you have a great team and you are a greater fans ! GooldLuck
    Barca’s Fan

  10. @1ArsenalProductions1 Of course I can!
    I sent you a personal message answering your question =)

  11. @JuanIDK Can you tell me from which site do you get your football videos from and how you download em’ ? Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. wow last season was pain but i’m sure this season Arsenal will win something ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Look at Fabregas’ face 3:11. He’s almost going to cry. He knows he wants to win here.

  14. @lawrie6509 He’s not smiling he’s just damning our bad luck that game. He was hoping his backheel wouldn’t cost us a lot in the end.

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