25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC In Depth Very Impressive Video

  1. Dude you said Jack WIlshere was the captain. If you dont know the clubs captain you shouldnt do that club. YOU FUCKING MUG!

  2. he cant keep his star players?! sure nasri and fab, but walcott, sagna, ramsey, wilshere, RvP? Also what about when we beat Barcelona, ignoring that? You sir are a mug.

  3. Nasri i understand u sayin they lost a great player but to be honest we bairley gt 2 see fabregas in the last 2 seasons – thwy dnt really need hims…

  4. @vithusan40 You get some sort of pleasure out of it or something cos its getting a bit old now

  5. @TheFoxMau5 well at least if I did do this I would make sure I spelled things correctly and pronounced names right! And I wasn’t even criticising his talk about arsenal just the spellings were wrong! So next time you reply to a comment think about it first.

  6. @xEXTREM3xRAG3x you make a video on arsenal telling us about the club before you criticize other videos

  7. you need to learn to spell! You spelt manager wrong and you spelt builds wrong and those are just examples!

  8. @pojomon1234 u fuck off!!! im not an arsenal fan but why the hating? hes a gd youtube commentator!

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