25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 2-1 FC Barcelona -Only way to beat Barcelona..

  1. as an arsenal fan i don’t get confidence when i’m watching this. I’m sad because this video remembers me how good and entertaining arsenal played but we only bought douchebags. Many people say all these players left because they can’t win titles in arsenal but when you watch this game you can see that we could beat everyone. did you know that this game against barca was one of the few with fabregas , nasri, van persie , wilshere e.t.c. playing together ? they were always injured. that was sad

  2. lol right, you got eliminated that year anyways, so why would he be butthurt?

  3. Qoute “only way to beat Barcelona” BY THE WAY.

    The title to this video needs changing, because it is fucking retarded. Idiot.

  4. Barca shud have won the match about 4-2 and they won overall anyway so who actually cares? Pointless irrelevant video.

  5. u seem to hate english football cos u know its better than all the other leagues

  6. Remember this like it was yesterday. Wilshere completely outclassed Barca’s midfield that day. Only way you beat Barca these days. He’s finally coming back to where he was. Too bad money hungry cunts like Nasri and RVP had to bail. Could have been something special.

  7. Arsenal defending that day is a lot better than today. that day even Djourou played better. still i believe Arsenal could be better. Victoria Concordia Crescit 😀

  8. I’ve never alleged Arsenal as inferior!!! But it’s true that today Arsenal hasn’t got a chance against teams like Bayern, Real and Barca!!! And it’s 6 years ago when Arsenal has beaten Real in Bernabeu! Today? No chance!!!

  9. and then Real madrid beats 2-1. therefore MU and english soccer is kapoot…last year final was so boring man.

  10. This Arsenal had so much potential. Shame that they had to sell more than half of those players.

  11. I can’t praise Arsenal enough for this win. Most teams(like Chelsea, Celtic and Milan) that knick a win from Barca are usually lined up in two banks of four in-front of their goal. Arsenal actually came out to face Barca in a game of football.

  12. That first one never happened.

    Nice guy, calling them Yids but taking the time to censor it. What a bellend.

    “They sing worse about us” – Grow up.

    Your fans don’t mock tragedies… which is why you hiss at them.

  13. this was a different arsenal my friend. Current squad has no chance in hell against the likes of barca or bayern.

  14. first of all im not british, u seem to think i am.
    2nd ppl watch BPL for fun cos even a game between wigan and reading is intresting, comparing to bbva which have 2 intresting games each season the rest is a one sided game as fuck.

  15. Listen the troll…foreign players playing or played in britain does not mean that english soccer is great…just watch the games and compare…savvy ? how many english players do you have playing overseas ? savvy ? it is OK man…let us not get emotional over here it is only soccer and britain does not have it ” anymore ” that’s all…

  16. which ones, we all hate leeds scum referenced city, with the *35 years fuckall*, but you can’t sing that bit anymore.

    we hate the y*ds, they sing worse about us, and it’s a minority, our fans don’t mock tragedies.

    I wouldn’t swap it because we’re Arsenal, we’ve got our own success and things to boast about, like most clubs.

    I’m just impressed you still support man utd after winning nothing last season, good job pal! 😉

  17. You wouldn’t swap 0 European Cups for the world? Right, OK.

    Class? Like mocking the Holocaust? Good stuff mate.

    United have two songs that reference Leeds. Both of them are also about a bunch of other teams.

    So yeah, points well made…

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