25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 0708 – A NEW ERA, THE NEW GUNNERS *NEW*

  1. @MoistureX Ty for the Thumbs up hehe I didnt know so my anger could inspire 62 brilliant Arsenal Fans!!!!

  2. In general,Arsenal is a place where they make Guns n ammunitions.
    In Football,Arsenal is a place where they make Men wit guns on their Feet.

  3. got 2 let arshavin go. poor show against leeds. showing little heart in the manner he plays at times. no doubt he has the qualities to be an outstanding player bt arsenal has gt 2 win games and he has to do his part consistently, which he has not. i am an arsenal fan bt this season, ashamed to say the performances put in by the players hav been disappointing.

  4. 7 reasons a*rse-anal suckkss
    A rseholewenger (sick of his fuckin lame excuses n whining abt refs)
    R acist fans (fag fans who hates black guys aka-gallas,toure,ade,cole,camp­­­­bel)
    S hitty Frenchcunts (bunch of useles gaylords)
    E piclosers (always get raped when playing against a mans team ahha)
    N erdy lukin whores n kids (aka nasir,gibbs,wilshere,ramsey,de­­­­­­­nilson n list goeson)
    A matures (bunch of babys whow ill never growup)
    Loudmouths(always next year tired of hearin this crap)

  5. problem is all the other good teams are nicking are youth players before hey reach their prime

  6. I live in Brazil bought an Arsenal shirt, watch the games here at home on ESPN, and Arsenal has become a passion of mine, first course of the Palmeiras here in Brazil, after Arsenal and AC Milan

    go Arsenal – The Pride Of London

  7. I am Single, 17 Male And I Love to play Soccer
    Arsenal is my Favourite Football club
    Gunners For Life
    Follow me on Twitter: @YudiHadipatra

  8. @MoistureX if thy were the best then they would of won the prem in recent years wouldnt they.

  9. @makedonia13 yeah me too… those liverpool scum payed off the reff in that champions league game, it was bullshit hleb made such a great dribble past liverfools defense and ref counted it as a dive wtf fucking reff!!

  10. i am a Man. Utd fan and i respect arsenal you play good football i only hate chelscum and Man. Shitty

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