25 thoughts on “Arsenal 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur:THE COMEBACK

  1. @Clarkyboyz678 Its ok, they can have one victory every 17 years at our fort if they want lol

  2. spurs FIRST league win over arsenal last season SINCE 11 YEARS..
    spurs FIRST away win at arsenal this season SINCE 20 YEARS..

    no wonder spuds are bragging abt the comeback.. lol

  3. these guys beat Arsenal Once at their Home Ground and yap
    look how many times Arsenal WON THE DAMMM LEAGUE at WHL

  4. wenger must be blind if he did not see that that was a penalty and there was an epic comeback

  5. @pmo56 arsene venger is french. thts why u always see the french superstars on arsenal.

  6. support watford but all my family from edmonton north london {spurs territory and they all support spurs} although never really got the spurs bug ive always hated arsenal with a vengence so really happy when spurs come back and beat them spurs biggest club in london

  7. @24AFP sounds a bit like unfinished symphony – massive attack. but can’t be sure.

  8. @pmo56 Why are you against Italians? I am Italian and I am a Spurs and Lazio fan. I loved to see milan go out, because I hate berlusconi, but I respect Inter.

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