This is the chant ‘Are you watching Ar-se-nal’ sung by us Spurs followers who had been at the AC Milan Last sixteen Residence Game on the 9th of March!!! This chant came as spurs went through into the Quater Finals of the Champions league and watched their North London rivals bail out after a three-one defeat in the Nou Camp. Make sure you sub to me it really does aid!! Many thanks.

25 thoughts on “ARE YOU WATCHING ARSENAL .. v AC Milan !!

  1. @Tukan777 Your talking like Spurs are going to even play CL football next season.

  2. @aza2294 No, they are refering to the region of the Uk – Arsenal. They are merely asking the people at home whether they are catching a glimpse of the goings on of the match. In most cases, when this song is sung, Arsenal will be losing. Also Humans are not the only thing that can “watch” something. That is all.

  3. @KINGofJOOStv You are such a big person throwing swear words at me over the internet.

  4. Well officially Arsenal is not a human so how can they be watching ? are you meaning the Arsenal fans?

  5. You gooners are pathetic. Why do you even go on youtube and search for this video? You really are thick headed aren’t you? At least we know you actually ARE watching.


  6. @camero56 Exactly right! Beginners luck they wont be here next year!! At least were here year after year muppets!

  7. lol this is tottenhams only trophy availble, so ofc arsenal will be watching you, if you beat barcalona youve got my respect

  8. @dj4play1980 spurs no rivals of chelsea. spurs not won the league for 50 years and not been in an fa cup final for 20 years. chelsea won the prem 3 times in last 7 years when did spurs even challenge for it. chelsea been in 7 fa cup finals since spurs were last in one. spurs not won at chelsea for 21 years and not long ago hadnt beaten chelsea in the league for over 30 games. spurs been in the ch league once chelsea been in it 9 times so what rivalry are spurs to chelsea exactly.

  9. @LowlifeScarab yeah defo first time init.. check my other vids u mug. + these tickets dont even go onto general sale.. so before you comment get ur facts rite.

  10. @TheGuyThatSpysOnYou They all pretend there hard when there not!!
    Blatantly his first time there on a general sale ticket and got to carried away twat!!

  11. @SpursFredrikstad he was taking the piss fred, he’s 1 of my mates lol, he dont no nufin bout footy.

  12. @KINGofJOOStv Yeah, we are shit ang through to the quarter finals 🙂 Mug..

  13. @dj4play1980 – Oh yeah – and wasn’t it great fun to watch the Ar$e lose to Birmingham – Bunch of Muppets
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer team. Wanchors the lot of ’em

  14. Are you watching A*****l. Love it. Just love it when we rub the Arse’s nose in it. Laugh? I was laughing like a Hyena. Made my year. Fu*k the A*****l – scumbags

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