25 thoughts on “Andy Gray & Richard Keys Laughing At Women’s Football

  1. Fucking hell that was pathetic? How is that sexist in anyway? The football the those women played, just sucked!

  2. OMG this was really really bad, even at the level of amateur the boys are better hahaha 😀 then the proffesional girls.

  3. I seen this boy i went to school with in the shop the other day i didnt recognise him at first because he was dressed and sounded like a woman! He came up to me and said “remember me?”
    I said “No,”
    He said “its me, Alan Richards!”
    “But your a woman!”
    “Yeah i had a sex change”
    “So have you had all your bits removed?”
    “oooo” I said, “that must of been painful?”
    “Thats nothing,” He said, “The most painful part is when they removed half my brain!!”

  4. @tombstone569
    they’re not professionals, that’s the point, sweetheart.

  5. I can’t believe he was fired. Someone was an idiot firing him. Those teams were really bad & I was laughing my as off. Firing the guy was not right.

  6. pretty awful football though looking at this video the standard seems to have improved a lot.

  7. to be fair to them, that match was actually hysterical! if those were men playing like that it would be just as funny

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