25 thoughts on “Andrey Arshavin – Top 10 Goals – Arsenal FC – HD

  1. Аршавин заслужил уважения, а болельщики арсенала которые Андрея освистывают потеяли уважение. Английские финаты худшие в мире

  2. I know it’s your video and you pick the goals, but it’s criminal not to include the second goal against Liverpool in that 4-4 game, the winner against Liverpool at Anfield in the 1-2 win or his goal against Blackburn!

  3. ok video messed up order missing goals like 2nd vs liverpool, backheel vs olympiacos, bicycle kick vs wigan and goal vs blackburn.

  4. @sirlordtom98 Believe it or not it was actually good finishing. I mean it was a tight angle and outside the box.

  5. The 2nd or 4th Goal Against Liverpool was the Greatest for the amazing Technique and 90th Minute Stamina Respectively. But Out of the ones in this video, you gotta love the determination in the vs. athletico madrid goal. *sigh* Bring these Arshavins back to life, Please!

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