Arsenal FC | Funny Moments 2012 [HD]

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22 Responses to “Arsenal FC | Funny Moments 2012 [HD]”

  1. missilekidful Says:

    chamberlain and the ballerina guy omfg dead

  2. HitsMan1307 Says:

    It’s kind of like you forgot to finish the video. Still, Arsenal players
    having a laugh shows how awesome they are

  3. LeOKHMeTaL Says:

    Wow, the comunication Wenger has with all the players… That’s because he
    loves his job and has a passion with working with the club.

  4. dragonzzz0rFTW Says:

    AFC 4 EVER

  5. luk ka Says:

    why the fuck are the happy? :D

  6. shllunga1989 Says:

    Per Mertesacker dancing is hilarious. He was getting his grove on! His face
    was so serious!! :-)

  7. unfinisedcrisps Says:

    Keep calm walcott has signed da ting

  8. Mr2013FIFA Says:

    neato fellas

  9. dinesh chandran Says:

    Superb arsenal

  10. Rifat Veliu Says:

    because of that wenger should go

  11. 714arsenal Says:

    This is why we don’t win trophies….

  12. SmokeytheBear66 Says:

    PODOLSKI!! Arsene was smart to sign him. He is worth every penny spent for

  13. odin nordveig Says:

    rvp cunt

  14. Hafsa Khan Says:

    arsenal love em gunners forever

  15. iffstarz Says:

    Love it when wenger goes what is that when walcott misses

  16. Ransel Vigo Says:

    OMG! *-*

  17. gayburgers Says:

    welcome to manchester robin!

  18. Zakariye Hassan Says:

    Welcome to Manchester. The two Clubs of Glory Hunting!

  19. FreeKickFreeTime Says:

    @gayburgers fuck

  20. Mr56Arsenal Says:

    Arsenal till i die <3

  21. Xhoi GoonerALB Says:

    Great :)

  22. black opps 2 fail Says:

    AFC 4 ever. That was so funny :-)