25 Comments on Arsenal FC 3 Stoke City 1 – Ozil is World Class – T ArsenalFanTV.com

  1. ArsenalFanTV says:

    Superfan Moh says Mesut Ozil is world class. #Arsenal #AFC #COYG

  2. kay santos says:

    we got Ozil, now all we gotta do is lock down Suarez or another quality
    striker and we could definitely be contenders for the premier league and
    have a fighting chance at the champions league! 

  3. ItsMinarmy says:

    Sadly Britbottles don’t know how stupid they sound with an Ö in their names.

  4. rogersevers123 says:

    Prediction:I think arsenal are gonna win the champions league.

  5. Luminous Ay says:

    Nice to see United 9th, how’s the weather down there?

  6. Luminous Ay says:

    Welcome to the family!

  7. Frank guggi says:

    We love you Arsenal we do!!! All the way from Delaware USA, Gunner since
    day one….lets win some a trophy you boys in RED!

  8. MrOmar270 says:

    Carzola is good..not world class yet…only few world class in the world
    like messi ronaldo ribery..Carzola is close to world class but not quite
    there yet even thou he’s soooo goood..I could be wrong..so Apologies

  9. sean hobbins says:

    you’re joking? right? if he isn’t world class than what is? he is only just
    behind xavi and cazorla in the spain team, and sometimes is even chosen
    over them.

  10. TheMostLikedComments says:

    Every videos I see Robbie, no thanks to the manager? Ungrateful fans!

  11. mikes797 says:

    top man

  12. kodinio99 says:

    I always love hearing from this fan, he’s the best! XD

  13. Damon Hussain says:

    ramsey is the best midfielder in the world right now

  14. bte hiphop says:

    Real Madrid are selling their best players. the next one we’ll buy from
    them is Isco, Khedira, or Ronaldo haha.

  15. ArsenalMoh says:


  16. George K says:

    Only the sheeple could buy into this guy after his pathetic unforgivable
    knee-jerk rant on the opening day.

  17. Paras Sehrawat says:

    the only sensible man …. interview him regularly…with his name on the

  18. XenatR says:

    haha if you have an ‘o’ in the name make it the german ‘o’ with the
    ‘umlaut’ 😀 like it

  19. ArsenalMoh says:


  20. TehhEric says:

    This lad should be a pundit for Sky

  21. ArsenalMoh says:


  22. dadondutta says:

    cazorla is world class mate

  23. Daniel Mcilroy says:

    Moh, your an Arsenal legend, always speak with so much sense

  24. Ali Abdi says:

    When Ramsey shushed the Stoke fans, it made me laugh. I loved it Ramsey.
    Those classless idiots booing him at Stoke deserved to shut up. He should
    make that his trademark celebration. Missed it when Arshavin did that when
    he scored.

  25. Harry Fellows says:

    The first game when Cazorla plays alongside Ozil will be magical.