In one of the strangest statements by a rival manager, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that he could be ready to support Chelsea in the Champions League final. Chelsea have made it into the Champions League final after beating Barcelona 3-2 on aggregate in what is perceived to be one of the greatest results in the Champions League due to the dominance exerted by the Spanish opponents in this competition over the last couple of seasons. However, if Chelsea win the Champions League this season, then it would mean that only three teams from England will make it into the group stages of the Champions League next season by virtue of their league position.

This would mean that either Arsenal, Newcastle United, and Tottenham may have to contend with the Europa league next season even though they might have finished in the fourth position. Chelsea have been getting a lot of support from fans of various clubs due to the fact that they are the only English team left in the competition. Arsene Wenger has also joined the bandwagon by showing his support for Chelsea, but has said that he will be continuing his support for Chelsea only if Arsenal finish in the third position and secure their Champions League status next season.

“Look, if we finish third you want Chelsea to win the Champions League because it’s great for the Premier League. If you are in fourth it would be masochistic to wish that you were out of the Champions League. You cannot ask the impossible. That is why maybe the rule is a little bit malicious. Overall I think everyone in England wants an English team to win the Champions League, but the team who is fourth will certainly wish to have a chance to play in it,” Wenger said.