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  1. @22Eduardo9 It’s nobody’s fault, don’t overreact. We miss him too in our team, together with Fellaini, who injured himself during a premier league game. So Fellaini should never be allowed to play for Everton again? It really is a pitty but what can we do :).

  2. @22Eduardo9 Are you sure because Wenger don’t give any comment about Vermaelen’s injury in the official site since 11 february. And Vermaelen isn’t still in the reserve team. He has to play with reserve before his come back in A team.
    I subscribe in your channel, please check my channel too… Bye bye thank you for the answer.

  3. What about Vermaelen’s injury ? It becomes disturbing… Please Gunners, give me news of him. How much time for his come back ? Thank you from Belgium.

  4. he’s like our defensive striker sorta thing?? i’m really missing him and i cant wait untill he’s fully recovered and i cant wait to see koscielny and vermaelen as our centre backs once again!

  5. Can’t wait for vermaelen to be back.. worlds best defender underated and needs to be 86 on fifa 11 =D

  6. @arsenalfbce i also dont think gallas was a good captain and not a good player. but the thing is, vermaelen has himself said that gallas used to help him out on the pitch a lot by directing him on what to do and so on…meaning that gallas was the leader in the defence.

  7. @bobbysuger
    I dn’t think Gallas was useful to us cause he ruin the dressing room, he had feud with every players no one seem to like him. He is also slow and weak in air that’s why we get owned in air in past season. Also in 07-08 we were leadin the league and we could had won easily but he had some trouble with team mates , he smoke in public and create new issue , also he doesn’t act like captain and we lose to Chelsea and United which lead us to losing our points and eventual concede title

  8. @arsenalfbce no he is not. gallas used to command the backline. we have seen vermaelen be the leader of the backline in just 4-5 games

  9. Vermaelen is more than goal scorer or great defender he is a leader who command the back line and encourage the team mates.

  10. He’s the balls of Arsenal. Koscielny and Djourou are good, but Verminator is just different class! Hope he returns soon.

  11. @MrKthnxBye Vermaelen should never be allowed to play for Belgium ever again. That’s the reason he hasn’t played a single game this season.

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