Thierry Henry Greatest Goals

The best objectives of Thierry Henry’s Arsenal career. Thierry Henry scored 226 ambitions in his job at Arsenal, creating him a accurate legend. His mixture of electric velocity and at occasions, magical skill created him out of the question for most defenders to include. Thierry Henry, the “King of Highbury” is one particular of the most decorated player in Arsenal heritage along with Denis Dennis Bergkamp. Henry was aspect of the “invincibles” in 2004. This is a assortment of some of his greatest goals throughout his occupation at Arsenal. Leading 37 by my guide. Be sure to price and comment. Much better with headphones!!!
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25 thoughts on “Thierry Henry Greatest Goals

  1. henry = beast on the ball

    manchester unitted fan

    and the beattles between man n arsenal used to eb epic wen van nistleroo n henry were playing there

  2. lol henry ent better than messi n ronaldo fuking weirdo more like messi n ronaldo = best ever

  3. Kurwa Po prostu zajebisty gracz i żaden Żeluś z Realu czy Karzeł z Barcy się z nim nie mogą równać:)

  4. 6:18 , Bergkamp and Henry in one shot. won’t be finding a scene much more “gunner”ish than this.

  5. in thiery henrys first season at barcalona he was the top goal scorer for barca while messi and ibrahimovic where on his team AND he was positioned out on the wing.

  6. im a chelsea fan and even i take my hat off to him…watching the goals vs chelsea tho in the fa cup still hurts tho

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