25 thoughts on “The Worst Football Dives Ever — Ham Actors

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  2. For all the money they get and loyalty the fans show you would put your body on the line. Must be a European thing this diveing!! Rugby now thats a Man’s game even the Women are harder then soccar players. Shame for soccar

  3. Check out abc1008mbs1179’s video called Ham Actors.Compare it to this video,both in date uploaded and content.Therefore..


  4. i wanna see these guys play american football (NFL) lets see them fake their injuries

  5. These motherfuckers shud face a life ban in football…bloody cunts! And the referee just stands there waiting to give a blowjob to all d players! What does he require to know dat these pussies are play-acting??? I’d rather i go and referee instead of these losers…and fifa won’t say anything, bcoz accordin to dem, i’ll be in “control” of d match. ASSHOLES!

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