25 thoughts on “The New, The Old, The Always – Eduardo Da Silva

  1. never forget gunners, that it was also your support that brought him back. thank you all!

  2. Miss Him , When he broke his leg it brought a tear to my eye , not to mention ramseys leg getting broken aswell , call me a soft touch But When you have such a good connection with a club their just like family.

  3. i would have loved to seen him loaned out and come back next season and maybe return back to the form he’s showing a shaktar.
    such a talented goalscorer,miss him!
    Arsenal <3

  4. Arsene never gived him a proper chance after the injury!

    He was waiting Bentner for ages to start playing properly and i cant understand why he didnt wait a bit for Eduardo to get back in form! He never give him more than two games in row!

    And also, Dudu is not winger, he is CF and all the matches Arsene was pushing im to the wing was just stupid, cuz he is not fast, he is not great dribler, he´╗┐ is not strong, but he has best feel for scoring i have ever seen.

  5. We Will Never Forget You.
    You Are Always Welcome At The Emirates.
    You Are A Legend.

  6. epic player, talented and tested by adversity, epic on the gunners, welcome to Shakhtar, welcome back to the Champions League!

  7. great player..please can somebody tell me who sings first song..thanks in advanced..

  8. 7:52 it is clear to me he was fearing for his leg which is why he tried to dodge any incoming arms etc.. eduardo isnt the type of player to dive, he is very honest.

    We love you Eduardo, we salute you <3

  9. @VildSkab look every single footballer dives. On every foul you see atleast a little bit of diving….but not always… in 7:52 it looks like he lost his balance

  10. 07:52 is he diving? i hope not because i love him and he does not seem like the diving kind of guy

  11. coolest finisher i have seen for a very long time……..

    i think wenger should have gave eddy another season to see what happened.

    best of luck eddy….i allways look out for shakhtars results now.

  12. I miss this guy. He was such a great talent. Just couldn’t produce after his injury.

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