25 thoughts on “The Gooner

  1. How the hell has this video only got 106,530 views??? Lets smash Barca tomorrow and get behind the team! 😀

  2. Keep going…Keep dreaming…keep fighting…keep reaching !
    Be strong, my Arsenal, my love !

  3. @Joylevinstein .. Slip of the “keyboard”.. My bad.. I meant Our Captain Fabregas..

  4. even as a Man Utd fan, this work gives me chills. great song choice. Great editing. Great everything. Hats off to you!

    And shred Barca 2 weeks from now!

  5. @SirDiff Walcott’s not our captain but I agree with everything else in your comment 😉

    Go Gunners!

  6. “It’s not easy being an Arsenal fan…” – I couldn’t agree more right now. But still, three more trophies to fight for, COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

  7. We lost the CC final,but we never lost Arsenal in our hearts!!!I love you (h)

  8. We just lost the Carling Cup.

    “It’s not easy being an Arsenal fan… but it’s hard not to love this team.”

  9. I am a proud to be a gunner!! This video is simply…. passionately touching. All gunners relate to it.. Thanks for this ArmirVP.. Especially on Carling cups eve’.. For all the never ending debates on “the trophy drought.”.. for our injured captain Walcot and THeo.. For all the gunners all over the world.. This is awesome

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