The Deschamps saga continues

Even though Didier Deschamps has only been France’s manager for a short period of time, it would be fair to say that he has already trodden on a few toes in the Premier League. One of those people who he has hit out is Arsene Wenger although his compatriot appears to have taken his recent comments relatively lightly and has said there is no problem between the two.

Wenger was reportedly furious when France decided to select Abou Diaby for two World Cup qualifiers last month and with the midfielder renowned as someone who struggles for fitness, it was no surprise when he broke down with a thigh injury in the game against Chelsea immediately after. The Gunners’ boss had supposedly asked France not to play Diaby in those games, in a bid to preserve his fitness following a lengthy layoff. However, when Deschamps got wind of such comments he was quick to put Wenger straight in his place and said that he was the one to decide who played for France.

As you would expect, the press have immediately asked Wenger’s response to such comments. Surprisingly, the 62-year-old has remained quite composed about the situation and claims that he does not have a problem with Deschamps. He said, “I have no problem with Didier Deschamps. It was not even my opinion. It was the opinion of my medical staff that Diaby was not in the position to cope with playing for both Arsenal and France at the moment because when you have been out for a year you have been out for a year. I have spoken to him and told him that.”

Wenger will now be hoping that Diaby returns to the Gunners’ reckoning after the international break and adds to the six appearances he has already made this term.