tehTrunk Tottenham’s Top ITK – Episode Three: The Derby

Move more than Merseyside, mong off Manchester, this is the big one particular – The North London Derby. We join the action as Spurs uncover themselves one- down at the Emirates and the gamers don’t appear also bothered. Thankfully ‘arry is hatching a plot with an ‘associate’ of his… Like the video clips, then check out out the Cocks to the West website and forum right here: thfclatest2-matchreports.com Further voices by Daniel Webb
Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “tehTrunk Tottenham’s Top ITK – Episode Three: The Derby

  1. Coming from a gooner, i could not stop laughing……

    Ledley King in a wheelchair LMAO and Ade taking the piss out of Bendtner

  2. @32wallace Martin Taylor – the player who broke Eduardo’s leg in a tackle. Played for Birmingham at the time.

  3. I can’t tell whether to bad mad about the Arsenal jokes or not. This is great.

  4. this is jokes i am an arsenal fan but think the jokes about both clubs are quality. especially the historic video lol

  5. @bootlegbuddha
    Yikes, not trying to start an argument…. but Aaron Lennon is revered at White Hart Lane… absolutely adored, and 2 points in November to missing out on europe by a breadth, would that not change your mindset?

  6. I’m a gooner and think this is really funny. Best bit is the Sol Campbell bit. Hilarious!!

  7. Really, really funny. I especially loved the typical spurs fan changing his mind about spurs’ season and lennon cos of one goal. Absolutely spot on.

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