Samir Nasri – This is my time [2010-2011] HD

Samir Nasri – This is my time [2010-2011] – 1st half of the new time. My initial production. Sorry for some problems… )
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18 thoughts on “Samir Nasri – This is my time [2010-2011] HD

  1. I’m italian…But I like him…he’s my favourite footballer!….It is very very very good….Arsenal has got a champion!

  2. he has probably been the top midfelder in PL this season, i wish chelsea would buy a player like him.

  3. @7Palasz7 I heard from the interview on MOTD that he’s gonna have a fitness test on Tuesday but it’ll be brilliant if he’s back, player of the season no doubt. And yeah it will be the hardest game of the season but if we win this then we’ll win the champions league, snm.

  4. @MyOpaque
    Wenger said, he’ll be probably fit. He’s so much needed now, but match vs. Barcelona is going to be very, veery diffucult for AFC. So… In Arsene We Trust, In Arsenal We Believe ! :))

  5. Pity he’s not fit enough for Barca (only by a couple of days as well) He would have been the difference between the two.


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