Ryan Giggs -Top 11 Goals

|| 26/4/2010 #79 – Best Rated (All Time) – Activity – Netherlands || Ryan Giggs scored so several wonderful objectives for Manchester United. This is my top rated 11: eleven. Coventry Town – 28 December 1992 ten. Juventus – 1 October 1997 nine. Juventus – twenty five February 2003 eight. Leeds United – 27 April 1994 seven. Chelsea – 21 October 1995 6. Coventry Metropolis – eighteen January 1997 5. Manchester Metropolis – 6 April 1996 four. Barnsley – twenty five October 1997 3. QPR – 5 February 1994 2. Tottenham Hotspur – 19 September 1992 one. Arsenal- 14 April 1999 Music: The Killers – All These Things I’ve Completed Please watch my most up-to-date video: Ryan Giggs, A Perfect Footballer
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25 thoughts on “Ryan Giggs -Top 11 Goals

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  2. Why did 23 people disllike this video ?? is it because they’re somehow affiliated with loserpool or man shitty lol

  3. @ivanivan2537 Why is his shirt number 11, asking stupid ¬ ¬

    Greetings from Brazil 😀

  4. messi dont even come close
    sure messi is good
    but giggs will always be a model and a legend for united familly fans
    i’m may be become fan of united becoz of him

  5. it killed ferguseon to lose that match, so much so that he caused a big huge seen with the referee, who actually did a decent enough job. United fans should try to be gracious sometime and try giving other teams and players a bit of credit.

  6. gigs was a great player, but united fans annoy so many people and people hate them is because they can never give credit where credit is due. People saying messi who, are ye crazy, messi is an incredible player, and what I seen gigs do in this video I’ve seen messi do many times. United fans are under the impression that there is no other team like them and that they always and always will have the best players in the world. Even the way Ferguson reacted to the chelsea defeat.

  7. When Ronaldo and Messi retires, they will only get ovations from their fans. BUT when GIGGS retire, he will get ovations from EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING…

  8. 3:52 steve mcclaren xD
    we have to fear to be relegated now but hes an sympathic guy…
    greetings from wolfsburg 😉

  9. played with the best.played against the best. he is one of the best.still playing after 20 yrs

  10. this music’s killing me!!! Fuck this shit, you psycho, why did you ever choose it in the fist place?

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