25 thoughts on “Robert Pires (7 goals for Eternity…)

  1. He played the game the way it should be played. Beautiful football from one of the Arsenal greats!

  2. I’m a Celta de Vigo supporter and Arsenal supporter since i was 4 years old, i think the most beautiful game i’ve ever seen was that Celta-Arsenal.

    Pirés, legend.

  3. makes you shiver hes so fcking good my god i would love nasri or someone to actually turn into him.. people are getting close but it was definitely a lot easier for pires with thierry than it is for the current gooners cos RvP is so injured the whole time

  4. c’etait la belle époque d’arsenal…
    Pires etait et est toujours un superbe joueur !!
    mon meilleur souvenir de lui c’est quand il déborde coté gauche avec une vitesse d’execution phénoménale contre les italiens en final de l’euro et qu’il délivre un caviar à Trézéguet !!!!

  5. @rizzillo91 composed by R.Fripp and King Crimson.. can’t remember the name though

  6. Thank you for not putting some techno beat over the top of this, this music is so much more fitting.

  7. How did goal number 5 go in ??? and pires last goal (in the video) how is it possible ??? 😮 stunning

  8. @ArsenaI cole bombing down, passes to pires, pires through ball to henry to side-foot it into the bottom right corner. It used to be so easy..

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