25 thoughts on “Patrick Vieira – Legend

  1. you will never see another player like patrick viera ever again. he was an absolute animal but also had the silky skills. always makes me laugh when people mention roy keane, keane did not even come close to viera. viera was so superior in every department that it is a joke to even compare them.

  2. people need to stop bringing roy keane into discussion. Viera was the best DM back in his days. keane was very good but his football was ugly just like his personality.

  3. these days, its hard to find players like: berkham, ronaldo, viera, zico, pele, ruud vanistelrooy, zidane, figo etc :(((((( just a bunch of pussys who only play football for money: rooney, c ronaldo, tevez, adebayor etc

  4. His work in the centre of the pitch is incredible. His great long passes lead to many goals. He has a great crossing ability. Simply a wonderful DM.

  5. @michaefa minus the fact that those two absolutely HATE each other? And there is no way any self-respecting Arsenal or Manchester United fan would hope for such a pairing. As it were, though, I imagine two people of their talents together would be a sick tandem.

  6. could you imagine vieira and roy keane on the same team ? what a midfield pairing those boys would have made

  7. Fantastic video. Well done. I miss seeing him gallop down the pitch for Arsenal…

  8. @seanboweny Are you saying that the video does not show Vieira’s skill, or class? I would oppose that, albeit there is little of his tackling, but considering how limited a footage there must be for such things, I think the video is marvelous.

  9. I thin k the best conclusion to be drawn here, is that Patrick Vieira is a fucking animal and absolutely loves a tackle.

  10. @seanboweny This video shows exactly what he was about. box to box midfield general. His attacking play was just as good as his defensive duties if not better . perfect video to show his playmaking and drive that he had.

  11. @seanboweny I don’t agree that vieira was specifically a defensive mid, he was more of a box-to-box midfielder. I think this is a good video. one of the best players to ever play in the prem!

  12. @luckycheese1 Evolution … Homo sapiens will eventually become extinct, replaced by the superior Homo vieira

  13. I’m brazilian and I’m 26. I’m a huge fan of Vieira. The best in his position I’ve seen in action (defensive midfielder).

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