Wenger has confidently stated that winning the title remains the target for Arsenal

Wenger has confidently stated that winning the title remains the target for Arsenal going into the new Premier League season.

He says that the gunners will no longer be contenders for the top four alone. For the last decade, Arsenal have been merely top four contenders and have even been faced with the threat of Tottenham and Liverpool overtaking them for this position. The considerable decline made by the team has been reversed by the signings of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. These players have helped Arsenal win back-to-back FA Cup titles.

Armed with the experience of having won trophies, Arsenal’s young guns will be hoping to put up much more than a hopeful challenge in coming years according to Wenger. The Frenchman’s future at the club was on the ropes just 12 months ago. However, he has once again made Arsenal as record holders in terms of FA Cup titles. After having lost won the league title in an unbeaten fashion, Wenger will be hoping for a similar run. Former club legend Thierry Henry, though, believes that the club are still a few signings away from becoming a top player in the league. (more…)

Theo Walcott says that Arsenal now have the ability to start challenging for the Premier League title

England midfielder Theo Walcott says that Arsenal now have the ability to start challenging for the Premier League title. The Arsenal winger was speaking after his goals helped the club win a second consecutive FA Cup. The gunners became the first club in almost a decade to win the FA Cup final by more than a single goal margin. Walcott opened the scoring with a fine effort in the first half before the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Per Mertesacker made the game comfortable for Arsenal against Aston Villa. This is the second FA Cup success in two years for Arsenal and one that makes them record holders of the title.

During the club’s illustrious history, Arsenal have now won 12 FA cups that is more than any other club in the English league. After having achieved two successful glories, Walcott says that it is now time that the club targeted winning the league title. Arsenal have not been crowned as the English champions since the 2003/04 campaign when they went through the whole season without a defeat. Towards the end of the 2014-15 season, Arsenal showed the kind of form that would have seen them win the title had they maintained it throughout the campaign. Consistency should be improved and Walcott is targeting more signings to achieve it. (more…)

Lukas Podolski the German attacker has not scored a single goal

In the 10 appearances that Lukas Podolski has made for the Italian side Inter Milan, the German attacker has not scored a single goal as he still continues to struggle goals despite making a move to Italy in order to have a fresh start for the remainder of the season.

After failing to score goals and have any kind of impact in Arsenal, Podolski was released to Inter Milan in a loan deal that will end when this season concludes which is only around 2 months away before finalizing.

Podolski’s performances in his new club, Inter Milan have been so underwhelming and disappointing that he was named as one of the worst signings that were made in the January transfer window.

The agent of Podolski is Ali Pektasand when he was asked about the future of his client as to what will happen with Podolski when his time in Inter Milan finalizes, Pektas responded by saying that anything can happen.

Pektas said: “Anything could happen. Last summer he could have moved to Galatasaray, but it never materialized. Every summer Lukas and I go on holiday to Turkey. (more…)

Arsene Wenger isnt Pressurised by Big Occasion

Arsene Wenger says the big occasions don’t fluster him.

The Frenchman and his boys are totally ready for the pre quarter final tie versus AS Monaco.

The Gunners, because of their recent good performances, are going to start the favourites there in that tie.

The first leg of the tie will be played at the Emirates Stadium this Wednesday, while, the return leg will take place three weeks later at Stade Louis II.

Most of the managers actually don’t like this favourite tag. They prefer slipping under the radar. But, Wenger doesn’t seem to have any problem with it. He doesn’t mind pressure.

Wenger reckons that without pressure, you might not push yourself to the limits, but, when expectations are high, you tend to play out of your skins. (more…)

Lukas Podolski may exit Arsenal Soon

Lukas Podolski is a player that has barely played any matches for Arsenal in this season and the future of the German attacker is constantly being linked away from Arsenal due to his lack of playing time.

At 29, Podolski is reaching an age where it’s time to start considering where to spend the remaining seasons and years of what is left in his career and it does not seem like Arsenal would be an ideal place as he is mostly just being used as a substitute player.

The German forward said that he has intentions of speaking with Arsene Wenger and getting informed about the current situation of the team and if to whether or not he will be playing any important role for Arsenal within the next few weeks or months.

“I am not 20 or 21 years old and satisfied to wait for a chance, I am 29. I want to play, play, play! What can I do that I’m not already doing? I played in the starting XI in the Champions League and scored two goals, but then I was back on the bench for the 4-1 win over Newcastle. I don’t know what more I can do to convince the coach.” Podolski said.

The main problem that Lukas Podolski will be facing if he remains with Arsenal for one or two more seasons is that Arsene Wenger already has a number of offensive players at his disposal including: Danny Welbeck, Alexis Sanchez, Yaya Sanogo, Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

With all of those offensive players competing for a place in the starting lineup of Arsene Wenger, it will be very difficult for Podolski to turn into a consistent player in Arsenal as he will have to start scoring goals regularly in order to secure his spot and avoid getting dropped to the bench which is what the German is experiencing mostly at the moment.