25 thoughts on “Jens Lehmann – The Invincible – 2003 – 2008

  1. @G00n3r4Life the biggest mistake wenger made wasnt letting him go but signing him when he was so old !

  2. @EarendurTelemnar Your an idiot! It does’nt matter how much faith Wenger has in Almunia. Even if we had the best goalkeeper in the world right now,we would still need back up incase something happens to our only goalkeeper available which happened to be Almunia.

  3. Hope he is the same wen he cumz back…. u never know 😀 Hopefully he’ll help 😀

  4. jens is a world class keeper glad hes back to help us win the prem his experience will help he was funny to

  5. Shows how much faith Wenger has in Almunia. Jens will be welcomed back. =)

  6. @G00n3r4Life jens lehmann is coming back out of retirement to cover for wojeich, fabianski and mannone, something like a six month contract hahaa hes training with us at the moment 😛

  7. lehmann is one of arsenal’s greatest goalkeepers ever, FAR more better than almunia

  8. Oliver Kahn was better, but lehmann was a great keeper also…….almunia isnt a bad keeper hes actually good but makes dumb mistakes and lehmann makes great saves and is overall better

  9. @marcisuperman Maybe you could come over to London and play for Arsenal one day. Heaven knows we need a good keeper rite now.

  10. I dont understand why AW allowed Alumnia to replace Lehman as Arsenal’s first choice keeper. Obviously Lehman is a much better keeper than Alumnia.
    If Jens is still with us, Arsenal would have won trophies!

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