Davor Suker Compilation

A video clip compilation I produced of the wonderful Croatian striker Davor Suker. Contains uncommon footage and replays of fantastic objectives for Real Madrid, Arsenal and Croatia. A genuinely great player, whose magic and expertise nonetheless tends to make soccer followers globally reminisce with joy.
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

25 thoughts on “Davor Suker Compilation

  1. @dariosimic5 wtf ? Blood doesnt have to do anything with football and they learn football in germany so their being football players and so good footballers is because of germany cause of their training with the young people !

  2. @moritzpbbarvencik

    you’re right they do have the right to play for Germany because they grew up there (except for Cacau) but still they will always be foreigners because they don’t have German blood. and that’s the difference between Croatia and Germany, Simunic, Rakitic, Klasnic etc. have Croatian blood which means they aren’t foreigners (except for Eduardo)
    I just cant understand how you can be happy with Klose,Podolski, Ozil etc. yes they grew up in Germany but they are still foreigners

  3. @dariosimic5 I think u didnt read what I said ! I said I respekt that croatia is so good in football even though they are such a small country ! But I think that its crap what you said ! Even though germany has half foreigners they learned football in germany I they lived there hole life in germany why should they play for a different country ! And only Özil , Klose and Podolski are good foreigner ! And Neuer , Lahm , Schweinsteiger and Müller are in my opinion germanys best players !

  4. @moritzpbbarvencik

    don’t get mad but the current Germany team is only good because of their immigrans. Only Schweinsteiger, Neuer, Lahm and Muller are really good German players.

    I have nothing against Germany, i always cheer for them on big tournaments especially against The Netherlands but don’t talk crap against Croatia, a small country with 4 million people and only independent for 20 years. They already have achieved a lot in football and not only in football but in other sports too

  5. I liked the goal that scored to denmark, schmichel was a good goalkeeper but the goal was great……

  6. @moritzpbbarvencik u mean countries like brazil or argentina or spain cuz italy isnt even that good in soccer we r way better than them and englan too.and with englan and croatia u never know whos gonna win,there not really that much better than us we beat them alot of times but they also beat us.not being mean at all juz saying tht italy and england arent really better than us in soccer.

  7. omg its my dream to go to a world cup or euro cup game and see croatia play!!!!!!BEST TEAM EVER!!!!<333

  8. This video makes me upset that I was so young to not even witness these legends. I’m in Canada…football isn’t really big here…I guess I was a bit late and now I have to watch diving jokers now.

  9. e onda smo imali svijetski napadaci

    a sada mi moramo gledati petrica, olica i ostali seljake, onda nije ni cudo da nismo isli u Afrka

  10. @xXxCROtiger
    69 matches – 45 goals is his final result. He lacked the goals in his last games, because when he played his 52nd match – he had 42 goals already!

  11. Great compilation indeed. But you could include one goal as well: the goal he scored against Ireland in qualification for Euro 2000 – this was one of his best.

  12. nuca, loša kompilacija. mislim, gdje je Sevilla? nisi se baš ni potrudio oko Reala, a bilo bi zgodno da si stavio i jedan Dinamo…

  13. super golovi ali gol protiv irske u kvalifikacijama za euro 2000 u 93. min… Šteta šta taj gol nisi stavio. Naježim se svaki put kad ga vidim. Pozdrav i sve najbolje u novoj godini

  14. @dexter2501 But I do respect croatia a lot ! They are such a small country and so good in football ! And soon they gonna be better in the ranking as italy or england ! And they are like 5 times as big ! 😉 Sorry when I wrote a bit to much ,… 😉

  15. @dexter2501 And croatia also has some who have differnent roots ! Just like simunic ( born in australia ) Eduardo ( brazil ) Rakitic ( born in switzerland ) Ilicevic ( born in germany ) but that is just a part of football ! But they mostly decide themself for the country were they in their mind belong to ! And when thats in the case of germany , is germany its because they learned to play there and that is more important than the roots !

  16. @dexter2501 But Im sure I saw 3 friendly matches between them 2 wins germany 1 win croatia ! And I think they beat them in 1996 ! But u cant be a top team when u go out in the group or not even qualify like 2002 , 2006 , 2010 ! And when you look at germany in those years you see that germany is twice third and once second ! I like the croatian football very much and they have very good players I admit but when you wanna be a top team you need to have successes ,)

  17. @dexter2501 first of all that isnt true ! They all nearly never were in the other country and they learned playing football here and they lived all there live here ! Why the hell should they play for a team where they maybe were 0-5 times ? Just dumb ! And second klose isnt kroatian ! Hes poland 😀 ! Ok I was a bit drunk at the first conversation ! Kroatia is good ! But still they arent as good as germany even though they have a good quote against them

  18. @moritzpbbarvencik Seriously u don’t know shi*t about football. From 1997 till 2011 now germany didnt beat croatia not a single time. And we played i think 7 or 8 times. Last defeat on euro 2008 says it all. Dominating whole match against germany, playing better fast flowing football. I dont need to remind you about 1998 do I? So kid go read a bit before u post stupidities like this cheers 🙂

  19. @moritzpbbarvencik yea u sure do have hell of a talents half of your team aren’t germans at all, such as podolski(poland) mesut ozil(turkey) trochowski(poland) tasci(turkey) klose(croatian) cacau(brasil) boateng (gana) kheidira(tunisian) and u got best talents? Please check something before you say it. And i really doubt u know a lot of croatian players cuz u wouldnt say that we arent good. Kranjcar Modric Srna Petric Corluka Simunic Pranjic Olic and btw they are all croats unlike ur players.

  20. he always got so much credit for his goals but he always had players around him who could give him picture perfect passes

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