Arsenal-2 V Leeds-3

A wonderful game, Leeds necessary the points to keep in the top flight and Arsenal essential the factors to overhaul Gentleman U at the leading of the league…..
Video clip Rating: four / five

25 thoughts on “Arsenal-2 V Leeds-3

  1. @MrTadhgMurphy one of the highest rated commenst is from a united supporter jus under de video

  2. the day of this match i was only a young fella but my father (surprisingly) is friends with a manchester united fan who was stting beside him in the local pub watcing this match and he said to my father ”i would rather man united to not win the league so that leeds could get relegated …. that shows how much of a cunt a manchester united fan can be!!!

  3. Those days are gone for good, the crest is half the size, the club sponsers are half the size, the players are half the size, the fans are the same maybe even increased, but when we do get promoted again (hopefully) it wont be the same ever again, we may be better or more than likely worse, the players in the early 2000’s are a dyin breed and are’nt as good, the young players (becchio, snoddy, Somma etc) are a different class, Leeds are well and truly a rehilbilitated club, premiership 2011/2012

  4. Viduka is clearly offside when the ball is played to him at 6:22 (Luckily the video pauses exactly right there!) … oh well–great win for Leeds!

  5. @arsenaljsutliffuk Me too but i’m not a fan because i live in the north i cant really get to there games.

  6. Im an Arsenal fan, always liked leeds, good honest fans….hope to see you in the premier league soon

  7. @22ratio definitely not hand ball the reverse angle shows it comes off his chest and the defenders were right there if he’d handled they would have protested.

  8. So unlike man utd “fans” who never ever go to watch them and have never even been to Manchester to gloat…and if you are so good why do you need leeds to win the title for you? That’s what you said…very odd….

  9. i think having kewell, smith and woodgate back would be class how good would it be knowing players who we got relegated with came back and helped us get promoted a bet if they did the fans who hate em wouldnt after that they went to further there international careers woodgate and smith didnt wanna go smith even cried when we went down hes leeds through and through that lad hope they return!! MOT

  10. @blueroomexit Yeah, he has saved leeds in many games, and has definately filled the place Beckford left, hopefully Watt can support him, he looks promising aswell. Leeds have got a lot of talent this season.. the sides improving well 🙂

  11. @lxlCyanidelxl I like becciho too he works so hard he is not as lazy as Beckford was. He seem’s to have come out of the shadow of Beckford now he has gone and i really think he’s gonna hit way over 20 goals this season.

  12. @blueroomexit Well, my entire family, apart from me and my too younger brothers who were born in Bradford, are from Leeds. I was brought up supporting them, I went to Elland Road first when I was about 9, where they played Newcastle, those were the days, Players like Mills, Harte, Kelly, Bakke.. I could go on. My favourite player is Bechio, mainly cause he’s just a fanatical finisher and an amazing player.

  13. @lxlCyanidelxl I was born in West Brom and all my family are West Brom fans. But when i knew nothing about football i supported the team that won the league back in 1992 and that team was Leeds. And ever since i have followed them through the good and bad times. I have never been to Elland Road but plan to go sometime this year. I saw them against West brom 3 times. they won 1 (in the premiership) and lost the other 2. My fav player is snodgrass i think he is their best player!

  14. @blueroomexit Still, wouldn’t mind seeing them back atleast for a loan. See how they do. Being a true, through and through Leeds supporter they were my favourite players (Smith and Kewell, Woodgate not so much). I do see why some fans might be angry at the idea, a sense of betrayal if you know what I mean, but still think it would be good for the club if they did return. And thats all I car about, Leeds getting stronger 🙂

    Leeds through and through <3

  15. @lxlCyanidelxl Woodgate is the biggest crock ever. Smith has lost it and kewell too bust making nintendo ds videos with the mrs’s but i dunno if leeds fans want them back smith pisses off to man united and even worse kewell goes to galatasary.

  16. News is Alan Smith, Woodgate and Kewell are on Graysons mind for atleast a Loan return, can’t wait to be honest 🙂 Even though some fans might not like it, I’d love to see them back =)

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