New Arsenal FC – Redemption 2013\2014 Never Give Up

Video clip Score: five / five

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25 Responses to “New Arsenal FC – Redemption 2013\2014 Never Give Up”

  1. NFBIsaeed Says:

    Tell me which team you would like to see next :D 

  2. iBarTeK7 Says:

    ur videos are perfect :) great music,quality,sync,cc’s…

  3. Kristian Ivanov Says:

    good job bro :) 

  4. Martin Johansson Says:

    Pure class!

  5. Martin Johansson Says:

    Pure class!

  6. TheMurad725 Says:

    really enjoy watching this video bro :) 

  7. Chidi7Studio Says:

    Amazing video :) 

  8. ElitePictureZ Says:

    cool vid.

  9. guzrd Says:

    i bow down… Great, great stuff

  10. Arenalable Says:

    You Made An amazing Video for all ARSSENAL fans.

  11. Brenno Diogo Says:


  12. Luka Korenjak Says:

    great videom i wish them a title this season, i think they deserv

  13. 101Verminator Says:

    That was fucking insane!

  14. احمد عبدالرحمن Says:


  15. Madridista Says:

    Awsum Video and great team <3 liked

  16. Arsenal Fan Says:

    Arsenal fan’s are the best they never give up even not winning a cup for 9
    years they still wont give up they are patient they keep on fighting also i
    enjoyed this :P 

  17. kiminadal007 Says:

    That was so Epic ! love it <3

  18. Don Saad Ebrahim Says:

    nice , I wish you doing a video for Roma 

  19. AMprodZ Says:

    amaziing <3

  20. alex sch Says:

    Well done!!
    great video ,great club, great music, great producer!!

  21. Susu Luoc Says:

    i don’t know why but i’ve tried to watch ur video and listen to the song
    “let it go” (frozen) at the same time!…unbelievable…different
    feeling…but awesome :3
    and u are awesome too :) )

  22. Zachary Raikov Says:

    Beautiful and Well Done

  23. Muhammed Bahadir ciftci Says:

    Give this man a cookie

  24. StikiProd ♀ Says:

    Epic :O

  25. J4KIR Says:

    Literally AMAZING