Arsenal FC Anthem

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22 Responses to “Arsenal FC Anthem”

  1. Goran Stankovic Says:

    Arsenal Pride of London

  2. Carlos Junior Says:

    Arsenal from Brazil!

  3. ZeppelinFighters Says:

    From Istanbul !!!

  4. jeby144 Says:

    Fa cup. Riiiiiiight…..

  5. 13arikos Says:

    Go on Arsenal !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Florennt Zuko Says:

    pls some1 write to me the lyrics , pls pls pls

  7. bagusadinatarizky Says:

    Gooners forever from indonesia

  8. stan warcholek Says:

    FANTASTIC WIN TODAY, who was watching?

  9. pats4lifebb Says:

    Arsenal from USA

  10. azlan radzi Says:

    malaysia love arsenal :) young gunners the best!

  11. Slavi Gergov Says:

    like from a gooner from bulgaria !

  12. Bojan Dobrotič Says:

    hello, gooner from slovenia !

  13. Kristijan-Kiki Miličević Says:

    Hello from a gunner from Croatia <3

  14. blueberry9411 Says:

    Gooner for a lifetiime

  15. Oluwagbenga Ojo Says:

    a true gunner will i be forever. in rain and shine i will be a gunner 4 life. ARSENAL IS IN MY BLOOD.

  16. Leytone OngagaSM Says:

    Gunners 4eva

  17. sandoj1 Says:

    Chelsea got dicked on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. amigotommy96 Says:

    fuck spurs, chelsea an man utd

  19. TheTifozi Says:

    fuck the united gays

  20. LillKidVic Says:


  21. meis Says:

    is this the real anthem? first time listening it lol =)

  22. NikProductions99 Says: