25 Comments on Arsenal FC – Our Time Will Come

  1. James B. says:

    The song is called Amsterdam, which is also where Bergkamp is from. COYG

  2. MYTYOOB says:

    Hey Glitch Dobinson, this one’s for you ! 😉 No1 Supporter ! 

  3. rory neve says:

    anyones freinds supporting arsenal or even you then follow me please

  4. Max Godec says:

    Feels like it really is our time now

  5. Declan S says:

    Arsene falling ahaahhahahaha good vid though! This is Arsenal’s season!

  6. soren overgaard says:

    amsterdam by imagine dragons

  7. MrVictoria125 says:

    Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons

  8. Vlad Dyachenko says:

    Im scouser, but i wish you a good time

  9. Angel Morales says:

    I think jenkinson should play more in the right back position more

  10. DAT Gooner says:

    Says the guy commenting on Arsenal videos……

  11. nolly deus says:

    And we beat spurs and lost to bradford, There the same fucking quality
    level. ffs

  12. Arsenaldude21 says:

    two seasons in a row we beat spurs 5-2 at home

  13. TheMark7O says:

    Arsenal only emotions!<3

  14. jake keeling says:

    arsenal could be the best team in england if they spent more money !!


    more rosicsky~ would be better

  16. InsertGameHere says:

    Do you idiot’s who ask’s what the song name is even read the description
    where it clearly says “song is: imagine Dragons – Amsterdam, or are you
    just saying that to piss us off?

  17. 42Torch says:


  18. Patrzysz na mistrza says:

    Awesome clip! Sub <3 COYG! <3

  19. tenoch89 says:

    yes it has!

  20. Shariyat Imran says:

    Oh to be a Gooner

  21. Jayden Campbell says:

    Great video #agoonerforlife and our time will come sooner than we know it
    with the club and our friend wengers hands Bless.

  22. Coolmedia234 says:

    Spuds are not a Top 4 team!

  23. SimplyHDi says:


  24. simao bajs says:

    bro i support FC Bayern Munchen not fucking spurs

  25. Mohammad Hasnane Arain says:

    Lovely work ture loyal gunner