1972 FA Cup Final – Leeds United Vs. Arsenal (Leeds Won 1-0)

Highlights from the memorable 1972 FA Cup final, With Leeds United enjoying Arsenal for the significant trophy. In the finish … LEEDS WON =)
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21 Responses to “1972 FA Cup Final – Leeds United Vs. Arsenal (Leeds Won 1-0)”

  1. ajay999999 Says:

    I dont like this – all film footage of Arsenal losing should be destroyed.

  2. imdbgeek Says:

    “Jackie Charlton, 37 on Monday”. You don’t get that much nowadays!

  3. slty2j Says:

    im not just saying this because im a leeds fan, but i generally think leeds united have the greatest football fans and surport in the world , tell me another club that has better surport and not stop singging from 1 minute to 90 minutes?

  4. TheNathanr32 Says:

    This is a gud vid am only 20 but wish a wos alive to watch us back then n bet it wos good wen it wos standing

  5. mgfaxlad Says:

    I remember that like it was yesterday. Alan Clarke nodding it in. Watched it at my Mum and Dad’s house in Halifax as a kid. 38 years ago. Now I’m watching it on my computer in California and it’s just like I’m home again. Magic.

  6. ls268dj Says:

    if england play like we did at that time, we will win the world cup. mot swilly whites

  7. thelufcjoe Says:


  8. miesuki Says:

    Hopefully, Leeds will win FA Cup again by beating Liverpool, Chelsea and particularly Sunderland !

  9. miguelkr Says:

    no it wasn’t this game it was the 1970 F.A cup final between Leeds and Chelsea

  10. thegranddilligaf Says:

    I remember when this match was refereed according to modern rules a few years ago. I think there were three players left on the pitch at the end.

  11. chozi18 Says:

    Greatest team
    ever to play football.

    Super Leeds
    We will be back!

  12. NightManTony48 Says:

    there was the greatest team of the late 60s and easy 70s and i am a spurs fan

  13. LufcConor Says:

    greatest team ever.

  14. fizzbomb1972 Says:

    we are the best fans in the world … MOT

  15. MTTASA Says:

    We’ll be back and we’ll win the Champion’s League aswell as all the English silver. The referee will not rob us next time – not like he did in Paris (we cannot blame Bayer Munich).

  16. Raylufc Says:

    What a great team and what a goal by sniffer

  17. silsdenboy7 Says:

    bullet header by a leeds legend

  18. JCTIPS Says:


  19. flexiblekillers Says:

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  20. odishaw Says:

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  21. nannychan07 Says:

    cool leeds come on leeds